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Write A Letter!

“You are in the powerful position to help our country reduce its number of Americans from being senselessly murdered by gun violence. Please hand the bill H.R. 5087, Assault Weapons Ban of 2018, to the Senate for approval.

“We have no good reason to be the only Democratic country in the world that has such a high rate of mass murder. Each American must do their best to solve this horrific problem.

“To try or not to try to help is a true test of the love we have for one another. It is also a test as to whether or not we are serious about making it a safer place to live!

“The Congress represents the will of the people, not necessarily that of the current president, or groups like the NRA.”

Possibly some readers could compose their own letters, including their own thoughts, regarding the issue of gun violence in this country!

Louise M. ReevesEast Quogue


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