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Wrong Location

Those in favor of the Heart of the Hamptons on Meeting House Lane seem to be missing the point. Totally not reading all the paragraphs.

The point being, HOH does really fine and generous work, as most of those letters state clearly. The point remains: You’re putting a commercial enterprise in a residential, historical, well traveled community, with dogs, cats, squirrels, ambulances and fire trucks, on a main artery to the hospital.

The point is, understand what the people — homeowners, year-round renters and potential summer renters — are actually saying, loudly: Pick another venue. This is the wrong street, an already congested area. It’s a wrong idea, period.

We love Heart of the Hamptons. This choice of location for the pantry has not been thought through — it’s not respectful or considerate of the taxpaying residents and year-round renters. I’m not even sure if “due diligence” has been satisfied?

The debate is not about the meals, or the tremendous help you are to the whole community. The debate is about the decision as to where the pantry will serve its community best, a more safe and reasonable and accessible facility. Not on Meeting House Lane.

And I firmly agree.

Kathryn Abugel