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Yes, In My Backyard

My millennial now has their own apartment at Speonk Commons and, yes, no longer over my garage. How future-sighted is our current Southampton leadership to build workforce housing for our families. As an older parent, it’s undeniably comforting to have your kids live in our neighborhood … and out of our house. As parents, we were careful about the schools/areas we chose to raise a family. What a wonderful place. But to hear another millennial move away because they can’t afford to live here is disheartening.

It drains Southampton both intellectually and financially. We are losing bright, educated young adults who should be our newest taxpayers and volunteers. Thank Jay Schneiderman’s leadership to make homes for our neighbors. A huge clap for Craig Catalanotto who said, “Yes, lets build this in my neighborhood.” His unwavering support opened up the arms of the Remsenburg/Speonk area to embrace the project. He gave momentum to let the community see the value in housing for our workforce, millennials and empty nesters.

Say yes to the Southampton Democratic Line A because they take care of family. Say yes, let’s build in my neighborhood.

Elizabeth Plate



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