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On June 25, registered Democrats will go to the ballot box to determine who will represent their ticket for New York’s 1st Congressional District. Although CD1 has recently been held by Republicans, both parties have assumed leadership over the years. With the district almost evenly split between Democrats, Republicans and independents, CD1 is a competitive, battleground district. Choosing a capable, dynamic, centrist Democrat is critical if the Dems hope to appeal to the many divergent views in CD1. John Avlon is such a candidate.

Primary elections may be even more critical within our current polarized political environment. Unfortunately, low voter turnout is a common issue in primary races. By participating in primaries, individuals can help ensure that the candidate who best represents their views advances to the general election as well as help shape the direction of the party and the policies it advocates for.

John Avlon, a candidate for the Democratic primary, stands in contrast to many across the political spectrum. He reflects a sensible, moderate perspective to address the complex issues we face today in the United States. His pragmatic, centrist approach has been consistent in his career as a journalist, author, and political commentator. He’s voiced criticism of both parties related to economic policy and has advocated for fiscal responsibility. Avlon consistently speaks about the need to renew civic engagement with an emphasis on accountability, national unity, and shared values to help reduce partisan divisions. Perhaps most importantly, he’s dedicated fact-based information to inform the public while leaving the partisan rhetoric to his opponents. This is not surprising given his role as a CNN national journalist and an author of books focused on centrist politics and historical analysis.

Avlon’s approach has come under criticism by those on the right and the left. Some see centrism as a compromise that doesn’t solve problems and others question his loyalty to a party platform. However, many argue that a centrist approach is exactly what is needed, particularly within the big tent that is the Democratic party. If we as Democrats seek to lead, we need to embrace civility and pragmatism for effective government.

For the Democrats to take control of the House, they must nominate the most capable and articulate candidate with the best chance of winning in the general election. John Avlon is that candidate.

Early voting is available from June 15 through 23. Absentee ballots are also available if you will be out of town. We urge every Democrat to pay attention and get informed, particularly about John Avlon. Make your voice heard by voting in the Democratic primary on June 25.

Donna Vallone

Ed Salsberg

East Quogue