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Your Vote Counts

Your Vote Counts

Released just three weeks ago, Yale Climate Opinion Maps are revelatory about our community. In Suffolk County, 70 percent of us think environmental protection is more important than economic growth. Eighty-one percent think schools should teach about global warming. An amazing 74 percent think that fossil fuel companies should be required to pay a carbon tax. Even higher numbers, 84 percent, want tax rebates for energy-efficient vehicles and solar panels. And 86 percent of us want research funded into renewable energy sources.

It’s our job and our opportunity to elect officials who will listen to the will of the people and effect changes reflecting the aspirations of our community. Strangely enough, environmentally interested voters have some of the lowest turnout rates in our country. We think our votes do not count. They do. They count immensely.

Going to the polls to vote is what can make the difference between having officials who are dedicated to the tasks above, or business as usual, an ever-degrading environment. And taking a buddy to the polls makes a huge difference as well.

Another powerful impact is going to a candidates debate and asking bold question on the environmental policies they endorse. There is a debate for Southampton candidates on Thursday, October 17, at Rogers Memorial Library put on by the League of Women Voters of the Hamptons. Then report the answers they give to you here in the Letters to the Editor.

One question today for you candidates is: How important is our environment and global warming to you, on a scale of 1 to 10? And will you use the priorities of the science of drawdown — the most comprehensive plan to reverse global warming — to plan your actions for the fastest results and cascading benefits?

Dorothy Reilly


Ms. Reilly is co-chair of Drawdown East End — Ed.


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