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Zeldin Fails Again

Our 1st District U.S. representative, Lee Zeldin, fails again.

On February 4, 11 Republican members of the House of Representatives joined all the Democratic members of the House in voting to remove Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from her House committee assignments. As you probably know, Marjorie Taylor Greene is the QAnon conspiracy theorist who also posted her support for the killing of Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Of the 11 Republican House members who voted against Rep. Greene, three were from New York, including the very conservative congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (she represents deep red Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn). Rep. Malliotakis said that Rep. Greene’s comments and stances were “disturbing” and “extraordinarily offensive.”

Among other things, she cited how offensive Rep. Greene’s embrace of 9/11 conspiracy theories were to 9/11 family members, and that Rep. Greene’s loony conspiracy that Jewish space lasers caused the California wildfires deeply offended Rep. Malliotakis’s Jewish constituents.

Rep. Zeldin did not vote with these 11 Republican members of Congress — he failed us again. Instead, he followed the lead of the shameless minority lader, Kevin McCarthy, in failing to take action against the incredibly unhinged and very dangerous Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It is beyond reprehensible that Rep. Greene was assigned to the Education and Labor Committee. Rep. Greene opined that the mass school shootings did not take place. She also stalked and mocked a couple of student survivors (including David Hogg) of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings in Florida. There is a videotape that has been widely aired of this cruel stalking incident. That mass school shooting left 17 dead and 17 more wounded.

How in God’s name did the Republicans put such a cruel and unhinged woman like Rep. Greene on the Education Committee?

So I ask Mr. Zeldin, who has children of his own: Why did you support Rep. Greene as a member of the Education Committee?

And, more broadly, I ask everyone who voted for Lee Zeldin whether or not they still support a man who continues to put party politics above the safety and welfare of our children and our country.

Dick Sheehan

Westhampton Beach