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Zeldin Lacks Courage

Once again, Lee Zeldin demonstrated his lack of courage for his failure to speak out and take a leadership position with the burn pit legislation for our veterans [“Bishop, Zeldin Applaud Burn Pit Bill Adoption,” 27east.com, August 17].

Zeldin is an aggressive pit bull when it comes to criticizing Democrats for everything under the sun. And he is not a shy, behind-the-scenes politician. He loves the media limelight, especially Fox News.

And he shamelessly made many public statements and votes relative to the certification of Joe Biden’s successful election. Zeldin voted and spoke against the certification, even on January 6, 2021, after the deadly attack on the Capitol that Donald Trump incited.

Yet, I read in The Sag Harbor Express recently that Lee Zeldin was taking credit for his part in this burn pit legislation. That would be all fine and good — except for the fact that he was missing in action, nowhere to be seen, when it came to the shameful Republican senators who stalled the legislation in a disgraceful hissy fit late last month.

You probably remember the nonstop media coverage, with Jon Stewart leading the charge in criticizing the obfuscation by the Senate Republicans. The 40 infamous Republican senators included the usual suspects, Senators Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Josh Hawley (all of whom tout their strong support of veterans).

If Lee Zeldin, who is a veteran, had any courage, he would have spoken out publicly and loudly against his Republican senators who were sticking it to our veterans in need of compassionate medical care from their burn pit medical problems. Zeldin could have stood up and demonstrated that he has the courage of his convictions, that he truly supports his fellow veterans.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, he stayed mum and failed to stand up to the craven Republican senators who stalled this vital legislation.

Lee Zeldin is not a profile in courage.

You can’t let Zeldin get elected to the governorship in New York State. I urge you to vote and work like hell to make sure that Kathy Hochul is elected to serve four more years as New York’s governor.

As I now live in Florida — I am voting and working to get more Democrats elected down here. In particular, I like Val Demings in her quest to replace Senator Marco Rubio.

Dick Sheehan

Vero Beach, Florida

Sheehan is a former longtime resident of Westhampton Beach — Ed.