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After Another Delay, Schiavonis Say They Are Done With Sag Harbor

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Gabe and Diane Schiavoni at home in Sag Harbor. STEPHEN J. KOTZ

Gabe and Diane Schiavoni at home in Sag Harbor. STEPHEN J. KOTZ

Gabe and Diane Schiavoni at home in Sag Harbor. STEPHEN J. KOTZ

Gabe and Diane Schiavoni at home in Sag Harbor. STEPHEN J. KOTZ

authorStephen J. Kotz on Nov 23, 2021
On the face of it, the absence of two members of the Sag Harbor Zoning Board of Appeals from the November 16 meeting didn’t seem like a big deal. But... more

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I am writing in reference to the article “Residents Express Frustration With Ongoing Southampton Village Police Chief Search” by Cailin Riley [, March 30]. The article implied (or I inferred) that the village is likely looking to find a person to fill that role from outside the community. As mentioned in the article, at least some residents would prefer someone local and invested in the community. However, the article did not point out that Sue Hurteau is a local. I have had the great pleasure of knowing Lieutenant Sue Hurteau for over 30 years. She went to Tuckahoe and then ... by Staff Writer

More Inconvenience

At a time when the world is trying to deal with climate crisis, and the Hamptons are dealing with the overwhelming traffic, the Long Island Rail Road started the South Fork Commuter Connection to help local residents travel to work and back home. Now this necessary means of travel will stop on May 20 — to accommodate the New York City bullet train every Friday, which will just add more cars on a very overwhelmed road system, and to create inconvenience experienced by the appreciative local commuters on the South Fork Commuter Connection. Gloria Reilly Southampton Village by Staff Writer

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April 22 to 29 is International Dark Sky Week. We who live in Southampton Town and Southampton Village are lucky to have local Dark Sky laws that protect our view of the night sky and prevent light pollution, which is harmful to wildlife, trees, human health and, of course, enjoyment of a star-filled night. Recent research shows that 83 percent of the global population lives under a light-polluted sky. We don’t want to be part of this statistic. Our natural and rural heritage is threatened when we allow light pollution to go unchecked. If you think there is a light ... by Staff Writer

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There is a big difference between history repeating itself and a wholesale rewrite of it. The vice chair of the Southampton Democrat Committee, Andrea Klausner, makes the bold statement, “The Democratic Party’s approach to strengthening the economy has always worked” [“History Repeating,” Letters, April 7]. I’m not an economist but I have lived a few years under Democrat administrations, and that dog won’t hunt. It took World War II to propel the United States out of the Depression and to spark an economic expansion, not President Franklin D. Roosevelt or his expansion of government programs. During the Dwight Eisenhower years, ... by Staff Writer

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Mashashimuet Park Plans Have Been Submitted; District Considers Indoor Air Quality Project

While much of the air was taken up by the contentious and emotionally charged mask mandate debate at Monday night’s Sag Harbor Board of Education meeting, there was other business to discuss, which finally took center stage two and a half hours after the meeting began. Superintendent Jeff Nichols shared that the plans for a capital improvement project at Mashashimuet Park to improve and upgrade the athletic facilities there — a condition of the agreement the district came to with the park during contract renewal negotiations over the summer — have been formally submitted. After several meetings, members of the ... by Cailin Riley