Lights Out - 27 East


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Lights Out

April 22 to 29 is International Dark Sky Week. We who live in Southampton Town and Southampton Village are lucky to have local Dark Sky laws that protect our view of the night sky and prevent light pollution, which is harmful to wildlife, trees, human health and, of course, enjoyment of a star-filled night.

Recent research shows that 83 percent of the global population lives under a light-polluted sky. We don’t want to be part of this statistic. Our natural and rural heritage is threatened when we allow light pollution to go unchecked.

If you think there is a light violation near you, there is recourse: in the village, violations can be reported on See-Click-Fix ( and, for the town, use the online “SOS” function: (

Our Dark Sky legislation is only as good as the reporting and enforcement that make it meaningful. Let’s celebrate the Milky Way together by promoting responsible outdoor lighting.

Sheila Peiffer