What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Three: The Way Forward - 27 East


What Happens To Our Recycling, Part Three: The Way Forward

authorStaff Writer on Dec 6, 2018
The men and women who work in the recycling industry describe it these days in bleak terms. From a business standpoint, recent market changes have made it much harder for... more

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Folks: it is time to take Michael Daly at his word(s), unpleasant as that may be. First: glide by his smarmy greeting card calls for “love.” His own words reveal him, above all, and consistently, a purveyor of hate and vilification, with an obsequious veneer covering an ugly egotism. Check out his vocabulary in the service of promoting Liberty Gardens: the opposition is racist, bigoted, selfish, ignorant, crazy, wack-a-doodles, lunatics, angry, elitist haters, and the vicious underbelly of Southampton. Question his self-promoting words about what he does for “our community.” In Daly-speak “our,” “we,” and “us” mean “him” and his ... 22 Apr 2024 by Staff Writer

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When our world gets out of balance, we lose our comfort and security. Too much or too little of anything spikes our fear, and we lose our sense of peace. Those who have what they want and need are comfortable. Some fear losing it, opposing what they believe will put their comfort at risk, whether, in reality, it will or will not. Those without the things they want and need struggle to find it. They often suffer in silence, hoping that someone will notice and take the common sense steps to make things better. If the community doesn’t, they often ... by Staff Writer

Advocate & Adjudicate?

The previous administration of [Supervisor Jay] Schneiderman and current board member Tommy John Schiavoni did not give high priority to monitoring appointed public officials for ethical lapses in their private life activities. This laissez-faire policy towards ethics enforcement appears to have continued with the current town administration under [Supervisor] Maria Moore. The Zoning Board of Appeals processes applications for and holds hearings on requests for variances from provisions of existing zoning code of the Town of Southampton. The members of this powerful board are appointed by the town supervisor. The ZBA issued rulings have the force of judicial decisions. You ... by Staff Writer

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In a book titled “In Old Southampton,” Abigail Halsey reminds us that in the early days of Southampton, “every man was a farmer and a fisherman.” But those days are long gone and most people, today, have no connection to the land and are unaware spring planting is underway. The days are longer, the temperature warmer and the frost is out of the ground. All along the back roads in Water Mill, Bridgehampton and Sagaponack, you’ll see farmers out there, with plow and planter going back and forth across the field, making straight rows in the rich dark soil, creating ... by Staff Writer

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Kudos to Craig Catalanotto [“What Are We Doing?” Letters, April 18] and Barbara Ring [“Tangled Web” Letters, April 18] for their letters to the editor shining a light on the web of special interests, conflicts of interest and misinformation that has become the land use process in the Town of Southampton. I need to add my two cents here. The town officials retain the same environmental consultants that amazingly never seem to find an adverse environmental condition they can’t “work around,” even if it may involve flying cars not yet invented. The town planners recommend textbook plans trying to stuff ... by Staff Writer

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September 11 and October 7, similar dates of infamy for strong allies with similarly divergent reactions. Now gathered mobs of protesters are cheering on those who cry “Death to America” and call for the complete annihilation and genocide of the victims who are now seeking to destroy those who originally unleashed those horrendous attacks. This is the America today. College campuses throughout the U.S. are railing against Israel in support of Hamas while some adorn themselves in Palestinian head dress. Protesters are burning the American flag while the college administrators, leaders and professors struggle with the proper course of action ... by Staff Writer

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