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The Press News Group is committed to protecting the privacy of its readers and those in the community. While police blotters are published and remain archived in our print editions, we don't believe that a single mistake should follow someone around for the rest of their lives on the internet. Therefore, content on this page will be removed six weeks after it first appeared.

East Hampton Police Reports for the Week of September 14

AMAGANSETT — East Hampton Town Police arrested a California man on a felony charge of assault with a deadly or dangerous weapon Sunday afternoon. The weapon was a blue acoustic guitar, and the victim was the proprietor of a record shop on Amagansett Main Street, police said. According to the statements made to police by the proprietor of the shop as well as by an employee, Kennedy M. Mooers, 27, of Covina, California, was seen earlier in the day walking up and down Main Street carrying a red gasoline container and the guitar, which was missing two strings. Mooers was said to have entered the store several times that afternoon, leaving the guitar and gas can outside. The owner reported that Mooers at one point picked up two packaged guitar strings, as well as a vinyl record by the group Television, then asked if the store had any records by Ween in stock. When told no, Mooers reportedly put the record down in the wrong bin, which the proprietor pointed out, he told police. Mooers then attempted to leave the store with the guitar strings without paying, police said, leading to an altercation with the owner, who told police he recovered the strings and told Mooers never to return to the store. According to the police, at that point, Mooers followed the owner back into the store with the guitar and swung it at the owner’s head, striking him and causing multiple cuts, bruises and profuse bleeding from the forehead and nose, as well as from his left hand. The two men then began wrestling and punching each other repeatedly, before Mooers broke off the fight, saying, “Ouch, I am bleeding,” police were told. Police responded rapidly to a 911 call, and detained Mooers across the street in Amagansett Square, they reported, adding that the owner of the store then identified Mooers as his assailant. Besides the felony assault charge, Mooers was also charged with two misdemeanors, petty larceny and trespassing. After being detained by police, Mooers denied striking the owner, telling police, “I wouldn’t try to damage my guitar like that,” according to his statement. An order of protection was issued for the store owner and the store the next morning by East Hampton Town Justice Steven Tekulsky, and Mooers was released, but ordered to return to court September 13.

SPRINGS — Another man arrested by East Hampton Town Police on a felony charge of assault with intent to injure using a deadly or dangerous weapon in recent days was Jorge Arpi-Galarza, 54, of East Hampton. He was arrested by police on September 6. Both the alleged victim, a female coworker with a landscaping company, and Arpi-Galarza told police the two had an ongoing dispute with each other. The two were working that day on a Clearwater Beach property, cutting down tree limbs when the blade of one of their chainsaws got stuck in a branch. The two began shouting at each other when, the alleged victim told police, Arpi-Galarza walked toward her brandishing an orange Stihl chainsaw. “The chainsaw wasn’t running but he swung it at me,” she said in her statement to police. Police said he struck her, cutting her left hand and bruising her right arm. She told police that she then sprayed Arpi-Gaarza with pepper spray. Another woman working for the same company called the owner, who came to the property. However, according to the women, the owner of the company started yelling at the alleged victim, telling her to “wash my hands and go home,” she told police. A third person aware of the situation contacted OLA, who sent a representative to the work site. The OLA representative, in turn, took the women to her residence where they contacted police, who interviewed them. Detectives then contacted Arpi-Galarza and asked him to come to headquarters for an interview, which he did. After detectives took a statement from Arpi-Galarza, which is on file at East Hampton Town Justice Court, he was placed under arrest. Besides the felony charge, he was also charged with menacing, a misdemeanor. He was held overnight, and released the next day following his arraignment after posting $1,000 bail. A court order of protection was issued for the alleged victim.

SPRINGS — Ronald King Jr., 47, of Springs was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, on September 5. King was also charged with a count of harassment, a violation. King had gotten into a fight with another man on the front lawn of a Gardner Avenue house, pushing the victim to the ground and pummeling him, Town Police said, in front of a child under the age of 10. He was held overnight at police headquarters in Wainscott and was released the next morning following his arraignment, done virtually, but not before conditions of supervision for King were laid down by East Hampton Town Justice Lisa Rana, who also issued orders of protection for the alleged victims.

MONTAUK — Police were called to a resort on Old Montauk Highway to intervene in a dispute between an Uber driver and a couple who had been his passengers around midnight Saturday. The driver said the passengers had damaged his backseat cover, which he discovered when they were leaving the car. The passengers denied doing damage, but the dispute escalated, with the driver, who lives in Bellerose, getting shoved to the ground, the report reads. Town Police documented the situation, and the couple and the driver went their separate ways, with no charges pressed.

EAST HAMPTON VILLAGE — A New York resident working out at the YMCA on Gingerbread Lane Saturday afternoon told Village Police that when he returned to his locker to change, he discovered cash had been removed from his wallet. Police estimated the amount taken at $80. The man said he did not want to pursue charges but wanted the situation documented, which police did.