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Editorial: Gold Stars and Dunce Caps

Editorial Board on Jul 17, 2019
To members of the clergy in Sag Harbor Village who continue to be particularly active in social justice causes, working across denominations as a community to offer a network of... more

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Logical Line

A recent Letter to the Editor by the Very Reverend Abraham A.J. Miller [“Fighting Our Fight,” Letters, November 23] reminds us of past historical commitments and makes the case that Ukraine is fighting our fight against Russia, and U.S. funding of the war should be continued. I would like to expand on that history and demonstrate that Joe Biden’s proxy war could have been avoided had numerous historical grievances and warnings been heeded by the administration. In 1990, U.S. Secretary of State James Baker made verbal commitments on how NATO troops would utilize the territory of former East Germany under ... 4 Dec 2023 by Staff Writer

Even Simpler

I have to admit I was flattered that Ken Dorph, the Mideast expert, responded to my Letter to the Editor [“Build Bridges,” Letters, November 30]. He literally spent three paragraphs qualifying that he is an expert, despite the fact that he’s really clearly a antisemite. Ken accuses me of being a racist because my position is that Hamas is a terrorist organization that slaughtered innocent civilians, yet he never addresses the issue. He additionally claims that Benjamin Netanyahu never wanted a two-state solution and conspired to have Hamas as a leading power vs. Yassar Arafat. I’d like to remind our ... by Staff Writer

Remember the Selfless

Many, many thanks are due to the 16-plus personnel who responded to an emergency call on Eastville Avenue late Thanksgiving afternoon. The time frame must certainly have taken place just as they were about to sit down to dinner. The dedication of the men and women who frequently interrupt their own lives to help out others at a stressful time is truly amazing, and we are fortunate to live in such a caring community. Thank God no one was injured and the event itself was relatively minor compared to what could have been. As donation time rolls around, keep in ... by Staff Writer


There comes a time within some lives, When sparrows fall and voices fail, And all that is, or ever was, Holds not one single claim to what will be. For twenty-six, and those who cherished them, that day has come. To steal the promise of a morrow they will never see. It was but a school. A place for learning nursery rhymes. A springboard to the finer things. A haven for the callow of our towns. With violent rage meant mostly for the innocent and young, A monster tore from them the joy of youth and life That is the ... by Staff Writer

Lights Out

Sag Harbor, what happened to our beautiful Parisian street lamps? We now look like an LED Florida subdivision. How sad for our historic village. I hope they saved the frosted panels I saw them removing. Laurie Wiltshire Sag Harbor by Staff Writer

Permanent Damage?

Today’s headlines covering the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas demonstrations across the country in cities and on many a campus are eerily reminiscent of my youth in the late 1960s. Anti-Vietnam sentiment divided us who were being conscripted to prosecute a war we didn’t fully understand, and a generation of parents who trusted the government that brought them through World War II. As it turned out, both parties were naive, but the passion by us to not sacrifice ourselves in a dubious conflict that did not threaten our national security was justifiable. When I compare the motivation driving those demonstrations with this generation’s ... by Staff Writer

The Last Word

In context, it doesn’t seem all that surprising that the Montaukett Nation, earlier this month, was once again disappointed when its bid for state recognition as a Native American nation was scuttled by a veto by Governor Kathy Hochul. After all, it was the fifth time a form of the legislation was vetoed — the second time by Hochul, and three earlier times by her predecessor, Andrew Cuomo. Sure, the State Assembly and State Senate had both approved the legislation this year, unanimously, but the veto still wasn’t really a surprise. But that’s not the context that matters. What’s important ... 28 Nov 2023 by Editorial Board

Cleaner Energy

It’s exciting to hear that the first of 12 wind turbines has been installed to provide clean energy for eastern Long Island. The turbines will catch the steady breezes 35 miles out, invisible from the beach. While good news, South Fork Wind’s 132 megawatts only put a dent in the 9 gigawatts that New York needs in total. Four major offshore wind projects, totaling slightly over 4 gigawatts of power, were thrown into limbo when the Public Service Commission denied them inflation adjustments. Those projects are going out for rebid, but it’s pretty hard to imagine they’ll come in cheaper. ... 27 Nov 2023 by Staff Writer

Part of History

Clear-cutting has been a big topic here [“Sag Harbor Village Board Debates Tree Preservation Legislation; Residents Call for Tougher Rules,” 27east.com, November 15], and because we’re so much further from nature than our immediate ancestors, it might be helpful to remember how big a deal trees are to the character of a place. In Sag Harbor, we have: • Descendants of Japanese maples that came from Admiral Perry’s 1854 visit to Japan (241 Main Street). • Tupelo, which are also called black gum, which can live 650 years. • European beech, whose beech nuts were eaten by Stone Age people ... by Staff Writer

Build Bridges

A friend alerted me to an “inane” letter by Thomas Jones in response to my October 23 opinion piece [“The Palestinians Are Not Going Anywhere,” Viewpoint], so I found it and read it. Inane, indeed. First off, Mr. Jones, I am indeed a Middle East expert: I have spent over 50 years visiting and living in the Middle East and North Africa. I have a master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies and an MBA with a minor in Middle East economics from Wharton. I am uniquely competent in Arabic, fluent in standard and three dialects, and I have studied Hebrew, ... by Staff Writer