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The Press News Group is committed to protecting the privacy of its readers and those in the community. While police blotters are published and remain archived in our print editions, we don't believe that a single mistake should follow someone around for the rest of their lives on the internet. Therefore, content on this page will be removed six weeks after it first appeared.

Sag Harbor Villlage Police Reports for the Week of November 30

SAG HARBOR — At about 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, Village Police responded to an Eastville Avenue residence, where there was a reported oven fire. When police arrived, the residents were outside on the lawn. An officer went into the kitchen, which was smoky. The smoke was coming from the oven. There was a tiny grease fire burning underneath. The fire department quickly extinguished the grease fire.

SAG HARBOR — A Village Police officer spotted a man on Thanksgiving morning yelling and shoving another man on Jermain Avenue. The officer went to investigate and learned that the man doing the shoving was unhappy because the man he was shoving and shouting at was using a leaf blower. The man with the leaf blower told the officer he did not wish to press charges but did want the situation documented, which police did.

SAG HARBOR — Village Police were called to a Meadowlark Lane house during the late morning of November 20. The resident who called told officers that a suspicious child had been knocking on her door. She said that when she answered the door, the child ran away. She told police that single child appeared to actually be part of a larger group of children. Police explored the area, but failed to find the children in question.

SAG HARBOR — A Columbia Street resident contacted Village Police last week after receiving several disturbing text messages and phone calls. Police are investigating.

SAG HARBOR — Village Police were called to a Bay Street residence at about 1 a.m. on Sunday morning in response to a report of two suspicious men roaming the area with flashlights. The caller said that a car alarm went off in a Jeep parked nearby, after which the two men got into the Jeep and drove away. Police searched the area but did not locate the Jeep or the two men.