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The Press News Group is committed to protecting the privacy of its readers and those in the community. While police blotters are published and remain archived in our print editions, we don't believe that a single mistake should follow someone around for the rest of their lives on the internet. Therefore, content on this page will be removed six weeks after it first appeared.

Sag Harbor Village Police Reports for the Week of June 6

SAG HARBOR VILLAGE — On the morning of May 28 and again on Friday morning, police were sent to Glover Street after a caller complained that there was a car that apparently had been abandoned there. Police checked the car’s registration on May 28 and found that it was active. A traffic control officer chalk-marked a tire to ensure that the car was in fact being used. On Friday, the same caller made the same complaint. A TCO again chalked the tires to make sure that the car was not being parked in the same spot for longer than seven days, which would be in violation of village code.

SAG HARBOR VILLAGE — Early afternoon May 28, an officer responded to a report of a loose dog on Cuffee Drive. The officer investigating learned from a TCO that the dog’s owner had come and taken the animal back home.

SAG HARBOR VILLAGE — Police were contacted around noon on May 29 by a caller who reported that there was an injured seagull on Hampton Street. An officer went to the scene and was able to get the injured bird into a box, which the officer then took to a veterinary clinic.

SAG HARBOR VILLAGE — A report of a dog stuck in a fence on Concorde Street triggered a visit by an officer last Thursday evening. The officer located what was described as a large white dog, apparently tied to a stake on a fence outside of the residence. The officer determined that the dog lived in that residence. The officer found access to the house and placed the dog inside.

SAG HARBOR VILLAGE — Police received a report last Thursday afternoon that a man was locked in the Haven Beach bathroom and could not get out. An officer went to the bathroom and was able to free the man.

SAG HARBOR VILLAGE — On Saturday around noon, police were sent to a Division Street construction site, after a caller complained that there was work being done in violation of village code regarding such work on weekends. An officer explained to the person in charge at the site that such weekend work was prohibited, and all work quickly stopped. No further action was taken.

SAG HARBOR VILLAGE — Police received a report from a Main Street resident that there was an animal loose in the house’s basement. An officer arrived and was able to gain access to the basement. There was ductwork and a lot of other obstacles in the way, the officer reported. The officer did not find any animals but could not preclude the possibility that an animal might be someplace in the walls, given the obstructions and obstacles to movement in the basement. The officer suggested to the homeowner that they contact an exterminating company.

SAG HARBOR VILLAGE — Construction taking place at a Hempstead Street site Sunday morning sparked an irate call from a neighbor to police. Police went to the site and warned the person in charge that such work was prohibited under village code on Sunday. All work stopped and no further action was needed.

SAG HARBOR VILLAGE — An Eastville Avenue resident called Village Police Sunday afternoon a little after noon reporting that there was a man asleep in a car. Police went to the address the car was parked in front of. They interviewed the man inside the car who told police he had recently become homeless. At first, contact was cordial, but police reported that the man eventually became a little irate that they had become involved. But he did agree in the end to leave the area, promising not to violate village code regarding overnight camping, and no further action was taken.