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A Dirty Business

I applaud the front-page article in last week’s Southampton Press clarifying the truth about the relationship between Hulbert Waldroup and Mayor Jesse Warren [“Florid Flyer Attacks Village Artist and Gallery Owner in Southampton Village,” 27east.com, June 8]. Mr. Waldroup’s name was maligned in one of the many disgusting flyers that have been sent to Southampton Village residents.

Evidently, Mr. Waldroup was treated in a disrespectful way by the Southampton Village Police, which Mayor Warren attempted to remedy. The flyers used it to again treat Mr. Waldroup in a disrespectful way by lying about him and portraying him and his relationship with Mayor Warren in a frightening and distorted way. I want to personally apologize to Mr. Waldroup and assure him that the vast majority of Southampton Village residents disapprove of such slanderous behavior.

As Americans, we should in no way support campaign tactics that are full of scary, malicious lies. We have now witnessed that in the case of Mr. Waldroup, innocent people are harmed in the process. Yes, everyone can agree that politics is a dirty business, but we in Southampton Village have to draw the line.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village