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A Million Thanks

What wonderful news I read in this newspaper recently [“State Budget Authorizes Southampton Town To Partner With Stony Brook University for Windmill Repairs, Using CPF Revenue,” 27east.com, April 23]. This devoted citizen is delighted to learn of this heartening progress.

I have often been loudly critical of the college and Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, but today I am pleased as “Mr. Punch” that people who can do something are doing something by recognizing an embarrassing problem then putting their collective brains together to find a workable solution. Hurray!

Please let me send a hearty thank you to our fine governor, Kathy Hochul, our new Town of Southampton supervisor, Maria Moore, and a very special thanks to State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. for bringing these governing entities together for this much needed progress to happen. It is a minor miracle. A million thanks to all concerned.

I love Southampton. This cooperation is so welcome. I will look forward with pleasure to attend any celebration that results at the completion of the prospective restoration project. Southampton is a fine old town, and we need all the history we can save. My witnessing the Governor John Adams Dix historic windmill made whole and functional once again will make me very proud. Thank you.

Now, we do seriously need to do something positive soon about our shared but deeply troubled nation. Any good ideas out there, please speak up. Do not be shy! Democracy is at stake. And, no, we do not wish to lose that now, do we?

I do get a bit wound up at times, and you can blame my grandfather for that. For it was he, Edwin F. Dwyer, special agent for the U.S. Treasury, who decided that an appropriate gift for my first Holy Communion was a pocket-size copy of the U.S. Constitution. “Hey, anyone can give you a rosary.” Ed’s philosophy was thus: There is time for prayer, and time for action.

Today, I keep that copy on my desk for a handy reference.

Remember to vote. For voting is not only our right but our duty.

Suzanne Murphy