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A Possible Treatment?

I am a member of our community for the past 25 years and a businessman.

An article was recently published in Veterans Today (www.veteranstoday.com) regarding a breakthrough technology in Iran that has been gifted to America and is sitting on President Trump desk. A technology that can save millions of lives.

However, our president has decided to put his own personal agenda before his nation. American people have the right to know, have the right to save their lives.

I am very familiar with this technology, because I have been studying this science since 2013, and I have been teaching to Farsi-speaking communities around the world and in Iran. We have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in Iran with this Gans technology. This scientific research is well documented, with all details showing the correctness of this technology used on 200 patients, with 95 percent rate of success without the need of injection. We can all go back to our normal life without masks and social distancing with this technology.

We can send a group of our doctors to Iran to see it for themselves to test it on coronavirus patients as a guest of Iran for three to five days and report back. Would hundreds of thousands of lives make it worth looking into it? I say even one life is worth it.

This is on my conscious and I have decided to send it to any media and station that can make people aware of this cure.

Hassan Boujaran

Boujaran Rugs for Antique Rug Galleria

Southampton Village


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