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Assessed How?

Soon, Southampton Village will be sending out its real estate tax invoices. It will be interesting to see whether the village is continuing its deceptive practice with its “full market value of this property,” and providing a number that is nowhere close to full market value.

Do you know how the village has determined the assessed value of your property? If not, it is in your best interest to find out.

In response to a grievance that I filed, the tribunal hearing the case provided an inadequate reduction. I received a letter from Charlene Kagel-Betts’s office notifying me of the reduction. However, the letter only covered one of the two parcels that were subjects of the grievance.

I contacted Charlene, and she assured me that the other parcel would receive the same reduction. But I now see that she did not fix the second parcel. For this incompetence, Southampton taxpayers pay $175,000 a year.

At “meet the candidates” gatherings, I will ask Joe McLoughlin to explain his “no change” proposal in response to my grievance [“Another Inequity,” Letters, March 31]. I’m sure Joe will want to respond, because he supposedly believes in “transparency” and would want the voters to think that he is capable of rational thought process.

David Rung

Southampton Village