Bait-And-Switch - 27 East


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This is a comment on your article “New Canalside Walkway Proposed For Public Access at Hamptons Boathouses In Hampton Bays” [, December 7].

Rechler Equity is responsible for the leased development of 50-plus acres at Gabreski Airport in Westhampton Beach. They promised a hotel and business center, with pedestrian nature walks and a commercial district (with stores).

Suddenly, after obtaining the lease, Rechler Equity said it could not build the hotel/business center pursuant to the existing zoning laws (which they knew about at the time they leased 50-plus acres), and instead sought a variance for the hotel/business center, to build beyond existing height limitations, which was denied.

Next, no hotel, no business center, no nature walks or commercial district (containing multiple stores). There is a smattering of stores, a brewery and cookie manufacturer, but that seems to be the extent of the “commercial district and business center.” There is no promised hotel with a business center, which Westhampton Beach sorely needed.

What Gabreski got was a series of warehouses for Amazon and other businesses that need a trucking hub/warehouse center to drop off goods with huge trucks and send them locally farther east on Long Island with smaller trucks. Essentially, Gabreski is now a 50-acre trucking and warehouse center. And what was once 50 acres of pristine land is now warehouse after warehouse after warehouse with trucks.

Woe to Hampton Bays if it thinks Rechler Equity will follow through with its proposed plan. Drive to Gabreski and then look at the original plans for the lease of 50 acres of Gabreski. A bait-and-switch if you ask me — and it sounds like it is soon to be repeated in Hampton Bays.

Louise G. Conway

Westhampton Beach