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Bravo, Noyac!

Congratulations to the Noyac community for voicing their concerns on a proposed permit application by a commercial business to establish a day camp at Circle Beach [“Camp Out: Trustees Deny Circle Beach Paddle Plan,”, May 18].

Many, many Noyac residents attended the Trustees meetings and sent emails to voice their concerns about allowing this permit. Pine Neck residents noted that this tiny beach does not have any bathrooms, nor lifeguards, and has very limited parking. Most people who go to Circle Beach walk there.

Dropping off children and picking them up would be a logistical nightmare because of the limited parking and narrow access roads. This type of business at Circle Beach would change the character of Pine Neck.

The Trustees denied the permit application at its May 16 meeting because of the realistic concerns of the Noyac residents. Thank you, Town Trustees, for respecting the concerns of those who would have been affected.

The Noyac Civic Council also wishes to thank those who attended the Trustees meetings, made phone calls and sent emails. The council is the strongest advocate for the Noyac community. By working together, we can make a difference. Why not join the Noyac Civic Council (

Bravo, Noyac.

Elena Loreto


Noyac Civic Council