Bury This Project - 27 East


Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2007755

Bury This Project

I live in Shinnecock Hills (west of the college) and work in Riverhead. Most weekday mornings, as most of us are aware, we need to travel east and make a U-turn to go west.

It’s impossible to exit our neighborhood going west for many reasons. No one in the trade parade goes 35 mph. Ever. So it’s impossible to exit. There are no police around to keep an eye on this road, so it’s a free-for-all.

The traffic on County Road 39 between 7 and 9 a.m. headed east is heavier than ever. Then, from 3 to 8 p.m. headed west, it’s bumper to bumper, with the trade parade now leaving the area.

And now you want approval to build affordable housing on County Road 39 [“Environmental Study For Liberty Gardens, New Affordable Apartments, Is Ready For Prime Time,” 27east.com, July 18]? Except, this time, it’s under a different name. Do you think we don’t know what you are doing and what you are trying to pull?

Are you for real? You travel this road during the above-mentioned times and tell me we can add more housing, which means more cars on the road. I’m not going to bother asking about the applicants, because we have already questioned this and haven’t gotten answers. I understand this is a federal project, which leads me to believe the applicants will be from all across America. How will this help our town?

Have they upgraded and/or fixed the sound system in the Town Hall auditorium yet? We don’t know, because the community has yet to be invited to an open forum meeting about anything.

Can we get answers? Probably not. It’s a disgrace. Our tax dollars not working for the taxpayers.

In closing, I will remind the town and board that your residents are quite educated and we are all very tired of this project coming to the surface time after time. Enough, already. Bury this project once and for all.

Maureen Brady