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Crisis Is Here

We now have a rogue U.S. Supreme Court, with three rogue ideologue justices appointed by a rogue U.S. president, using rogue, unconstitutional, authoritarian and illegal procedures to gain dominance of the highest court of the land.

Furthermore, this ideologically alien, anti-majority court is hell-bent on delivering the Trumpian extreme right state that the rogue president failed to achieve. And this rogue court will give an unrecognizable new republic (in name only), which this right-wing court is establishing, the benefit of respect for the institution which this court does not merit.

Indeed, the majority of U.S. citizens overwhelmingly reject the decisions (against abortion and disallowing long-established mail votes) that these ideologically motivated justices are rolling out, ignoring constitutional impediments to their decisions.

Do we, the people, have any recourse? We’d damned well better have, or we can go back to straightening our arm toward the flag when we recite that late 19th century alien oath of allegiance.

What recourse? The entire judicial establishment — from federal and state courts below the U.S. Supreme Court, to recognized authorities in constitutional law, whether in academia, at legal think tanks, or in government or private practice — is attacking the extra-judicial, unconstitutional decisions in the past two weeks. These rogue decisions violate established constitutional rights, undercut legal voting rights and are meant to deliver an electoral victory to their favored minority party, the Republicans.

Let’s look at the three justices appointed by the rogue, twice-impeached president:

Neil M. Gorsuch, appointed to a seat blatantly and illegally stolen from Democrat President Barack Obama, who appointed Merrick Garland nearly one year before another presidential election, only to have Mitch McConnell, Kentucky senator, refuse to have any Senate hearings for this president’s candidate.

Brett M. Kavanaugh, accused of juvenile sexual attacks and drunkenness, but McConnell brought the Kavanaugh candidacy to a vote without a mandatory FBI investigation of those multiple accusations.

Amy Coney Barrett, appointed while several parts of the country had already begun to vote in the presidential election that brought about the presidency of Joseph Biden, Democrat.

What are the leaders of our constitutional judicial establishment waiting for? A constitutional crisis? We already have that. Civil war in the streets? We had that on January 6, 2021. Another bypass of naked and raw political force that destroys constitutional and established rights by force and might? We’ve had plenty of that since Donald Trump’s election in 2016.

Someone start something that we can all join, or we can watch our U.S. republic go down the drain like the Weimar Republic did — and you may remember what followed the demise of that democratic government.

Evelyn Konrad

Attorney at law