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Deadly Policies

I find it incredible that Assemblyman Fred Thiele finds that “it is an over-broad and irrational response to a legitimate exercise of state sovereignty, driven solely by politics,” regarding the federal government’s response to denying Global Entry to New Yorkers [“Sag Harbor Man A Casualty of ‘White House Retribution’ As Expedited International Clearances Suspended By Administration,”, February 10].

The over-broad and irrational behavior has been by our Democratic leaders in Albany. They first deny federal law enforcement access to Department of Motor Vehicle records — records that for years we have shared with our fellow law enforcement partners. The state’s fear of mass arrests of illegal aliens because they now have driver’s licenses is just political spin.

Our legislators want to participate in Global Entry and other Trusted Traveler programs but don’t want verification. It doesn’t work that way. It’s called a partnership, and if access is denied, the partnership is over.

New York can sue all they want — they will not win. You can’t legitimately think that there was going to be no consequences from such misguided sanctuary policies?

We have already seen this policy played out when 92-year-old Maria Fuentes was raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant whom the state refused to hand over. Do you really think ordinary citizens want to protect hardened vicious criminals from ICE? How many innocent lives have MS-13 gang members taken? Thank God the federal government stepped in to partner with local law enforcement to quell the mass murders that occurred during the Obama tenure.

Protecting criminals is not the legislators’ function, but protecting citizens is. Maybe that should be their priority. Can you imagine if New York takes it even further and does not share fingerprints or DNA after arrests have been made? Will that be next?

Additionally, Mr. Thiele and his fellow Democrats have enacted bail reform that has basically crippled judicial discretion, once again endangering fellow New Yorkers. The new discovery rules requiring that evidence be fast-tracked, within 15 days of arrest, will be the worst legislative decision, with far-reaching effects that will claim the lives of many New Yorkers.

So, keep up the good work, Fred — let’s see how many innocent New Yorkers your progressive policies can continue to kill.

Thomas Jones

Sag Harbor


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