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Defining the Future

Paula Angelone’s recent Letter to the Editor [“Sound Familiar?” Letters, April 11] was extremely disturbing, as she blamed Benjamin Netanyahu for the recent problems in Israel, not Hamas.

Let me remind Ms. Angelone that Israel is currently in a war because thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, killing Jews, raping women, beheading children and burning some alive, and kidnapping hundreds. They didn’t cross the border stating that we need a two-state solution. They crossed to willfully and wantonly kill Jews.

I must say, blaming Netanyahu for his response, along with Israel’s response, is both irresponsible and defies logic. Netanyahu has made it perfectly clear that he, along with Israel, will destroy Hamas leadership and all that they represent. You might find that politically unfortunate, because you live in a Democratic silo where everything is defined by political expediency, but the reality is that Israel must live in the moment for their very survival, not in a political vacuum.

So, Ms. Angelone, Israelis will define what the future holds for Netanyahu, just like Americans will define the future of America.

Thomas M. Jones

Sag Harbor