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Drop The Mud

To Bridget Fleming: You were good in the debate last night. I have heard you speak other times. You are one of the most impressive politicians I have ever heard speak. You are very honest. You care about your constituents. I hope you keep getting voted up into the highest position you would like to be in.

I am not an expert; my only experience in politics: I took down the Incorporated Village of Pine Valley, and I helped to dissolve the Incorporated Village of Mastic Beach.

I see a serious problem with the upcoming elections. Twenty Democrats debated to go up against President Trump. Whether people like Mr. Trump or not, none of the 20 instilled confidence in the American voters. Some Republicans might change sides if the Democrats presented a formidable opponent.

Also, please stop the mud-slinging. We don’t want to hear your complaints about Mr. Trump or Mr. Zeldin. You should not even mention their names, ever. Tell us the important things, the good stuff, that you or the Democrats will do. I believe the more you mention someone’s name, good or bad, he or she is the one who gets elected. Nothing is gained by bad-mouthing.

Riverhead Town Justice Henry Saxstein was a friend of mine. He kept getting reelected. He never slung mud or said a cross word about an opponent. Then he said to me that judges were not allowed to mud sling. Great rule — for all politicians.

Good luck in your political future.

Jim Dreeben

Hampton Bays


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