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Find The Road Back

Find The Road Back
“Stable genius”?
We need change now, or our democracy may not survive.
Many of our leaders make decisions for the benefit of their political careers. They vote to make, change, and enforce laws and policies not for the common good but to satisfy a small group of wealthy donors and partisan political groups.
Sadly, we have a president who is unfit for the office. He is causing division between us and alienating our allies around the world. His decisions are not rational, and many of his Republican colleagues continue to defend him.
In the past 1,000 days, our president has told almost 15,000 lies. This unstable man lacks an understanding of history and law, is not intellectually curious, and believes his power has no limitations. He does not comprehend the meaning of democracy and lacks a moral compass. These are major faults in the leader of the free world.
In the past, our differences have been our strength; now, they are dividing us. Our leaders must take a stand and do the right thing: Vote Trump out of office.
Now is the time for civil discourse. We need to come together, both sides, with respect: listen, talk, argue, and decide what changes we must make to survive. This is a difficult task, but one we can achieve.
What can we do now? Donate to candidates who promote decency, honesty, kindness and compassion. Even a dollar makes a difference. Register to vote — our vote is our voice. Stand up for what is right … for what we believe and hold most important as Americans.
We may have lost our way, taken a small detour, but we can find the road back! Vote! Write to your elected officials. Let them know the road we are on is not okay. Demand change!
Finally, what can we do so this never happens again? Have term limits for those serving us in the Senate and Congress. One term for the president seems reasonable — maybe six years. Have the government support election campaigns with a reasonable budget. This would eliminate special-interest groups “buying” candidates, unending fundraising, and voting not based on what is best for our country.
These would be big changes. We need to get back to what we know is right. Have hope. Believe that things will change and get better. We, you and me, can make it happen.
A stable genius? We think not!
Jane A. Fox
Jack Riordan
Southampton and Wilmington, North Carolina


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