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God Help Us

For some, the national debacle we are all witnessing as protests over police brutality became riots has been very disturbing. As police were unable to or not permitted to maintain civility, the culture of mob rule descended on us. Yes, on all of us.

These continued demonstrations are no longer making the point that reforms to policing our minority community are badly needed. They now have been coopted by real anarchists, socialists and revolutionaries who have armed themselves and in Seattle annexed a significant part of its city. Socialist Democrat mayors and administrators own the disgrace they have sanctified with their obsequiousness.

No surprise, Progressive media outlets refuse to report on this objectively. Try to find a media source critical of the lawlessness other than Fox or some talk radio outlets.

In the Senate, Republican Senator Tim Scott introduced legislation to address the crises. It was a generous effort to find common ground with Senate Democrats and demonstrate that government could and would find the proper footing to begin healing the dissatisfaction over racism and police reform.

The absurd and disrespectful response from Chuck Schumer was to block any and all discussion of the bill, even when it included whole-cloth portions written previously by Democrats. Not only did he block it, he refused to acknowledge the African American senator who researched and wrote the “Justice Act” by never mentioning his name.

Democrats, true to their creed, will not let a crisis go to waste. Their sole interest is in amassing power. God help us if they get what they want. The only debate they will permit is how much of your wealth they are entitled to.

There will be nowhere to hear, see or learn about our history, because, much like the Nazis’ book burning, Progressives will rip down all representations of our past so as not to offend anyone who fears the dreadful truth that, like the imperfect humans we are, our past defines our evolution in an honest light. Historical illiteracy and ignorance is what they pursue so when all truth has been expunged, they can write it any way they want.

Perry Gershon calls himself the Progressive candidate for Congress. Under the wing of Nancy Pelosi, or the increasingly radical influence of AOC, much of what I’ve described will be what he votes for. He will have no choice.

Consider this while you still do.

Ed Surgan



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