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Grave Danger

We are now in a very dangerous period with new COVID-19 infections spiking back up all across the country, as well as here in Suffolk County. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone have stepped up restrictions in response to the spike.

There is good news about COVID vaccines. It will be an enormous task to distribute the vaccines once they are available to our U.S. population of 350 million people. It is critically important that the Trump administration begins to coordinate this activity with the incoming Biden administration. Likewise, the Trump administration needs to give the Biden transition team access to critical national security information.

The Trump administration’s failure to provide the incoming Biden administration with access to this information is putting our health and our national security in grave danger. This fact has been pointed out by many prominent current and past officials, both Democrats and Republicans alike.

As Bernie Sanders said, Trump should “man up” and concede that he lost. Biden won 306 electoral votes, the same number that Trump got in 2016. (Trump and his acolytes called it a landslide.) Biden won in the key swing states by a wider margin than Trump did in 2016. Biden got more than 5 million more votes than Trump — and yet Trump won’t concede.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton conceded on election night, and Barack Obama immediately started the normal transition process and welcomed Trump to the White House.

As we all know, Trump is not following any of our long-standing norms of behavior. He was a sore winner in 2016, when he was lying and whining about losing the popular vote to Hillary by 3 million votes, and he is being a sore loser now after his drubbing at the polls in 2020. He is once again reverting to his life-long practice of suing and lying and trying to cheat his way into a second term.

His infantile behavior is an embarrassment. But, most importantly, it is very dangerous. Remarkably, the Republican leadership is going along with this abnormal and dangerous behavior. Trump’s own administration officials in cybersecurity said the 2020 elections were the safest and most secure ever.

Well, Mr. Zeldin, please tell us where you stand on these critical issues, which affect the safety and security of your constituents.

In the meantime, I urge you to contact Mr. Zeldin and ask him yourself.

Dick Sheehan

Westhampton Beach


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