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How Much Longer?

As I sat in on my first advisory committee meeting, something I’ve unfortunately not been able to attend previously due to other obligations I had with the fire department, my ears were perked when I got to hear our esteemed supervisor speak about the communication tower in Springs [“East Hampton Town Proposes 185-Foot Cell Tower In Springs,”, July 14]. What version of the story would come out as he was to tell his tale?

I was more than amazed to hear a variation that had been alluded to previously in the papers. Each time, though, the short end of the stick fell on the Springs Fire Department not doing enough to help out on their end. Or they just didn’t answer the town back in a timely fashion. Claiming that the supervisor personally tried the best he could to make it all work.

This is a tower, having some shortcomings in the process, that is built and ready to go. No one has made them take it down. It still stands today and since 2015. Springs Fire Department saw a need and tried to fill the void to help their district.

I eagerly sat waiting to hear what I knew: a new tower location near Lincoln and Crandall. An area which previously had been zoned for a park. If not that, why not some affordable housing?

The goal would be to have this tower available to all service providers, and the town would be recouping the money. That’s the rub: Money to the town. Why not use the already built tower, let the Springs Fire Department reap the rewards of providing the service, while lowering costs to run the department? Aren’t the people of that community taxed enough already? Haven’t they already gone too long?

This just may be another exploratory mission by our Town Board. Never forget, it’s year eight of a senior center. Plans still yet to come, on land they were still in need of purchasing. Do any of us want to wait another eight years for a functioning tower?

How many more days, not years, will you allow emergency services not to be able to communicate inside Springs School?

The tides are changing — Walles, Aman, Karpinski.

Joe Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a Republican and Conservative candidate for Town Council — Ed.