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Just A Showman

During the Great Depression, FDR’s Fireside Chats brought comfort to our nation. Unfortunately, listening to our supervisor is not so reassuring.

The time has come for our supervisor to take a road trip starting in Eastport and viewing our entire town through his not-too-watchful eye. Construction sites spew debris onto our roads and into our waterways. Out-of-town visitors jam North Sea Beach, and garbage overflows from town receptacles everywhere.

Given the backdrop of the pandemic, more should have been done to lessen the urban influx in March. A pandemic is not an excuse to move Memorial Day weekend back two months. Our supervisor writes letters to our governor, which go unanswered, while the governor avoids responsibility for the nursing home fiasco he created.

Our supervisor enjoys the trappings of his office but lacks the political will to lead. Our residents deserve better than the current condition of our town.

As a budget is developed, I believe that, rather than more staff to lessen the workload of our supervisor, consideration should be given to a town medical position that would benefit all of Southampton Town. Although, the county has responsibility, along with the state, the reality is that a town medical expert would be focused on our town and its specific needs.

The supervisor is a showman, and his performance is not enough to save Southampton from its current decline. Hand-holding, solar garbage compactors at Long Beach and interviews with fellow Democrats are no substitute for difficult decisions.

Greg Robins



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