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Leaf Vouchers Canceled?

I am writing about the voucher program for leaves. Why was this program canceled? Who made that decision? It is targeted at seniors and landscapers and, frankly, feels punitive.

I live on a private road. The road is narrow, and my property has vegetation along the road. I have no place to put loose or bagged leaves.

I don’t have a pickup truck and so have no way to self-haul my leaves. Should I ride to the transfer station with my landscaper in his or her truck?

It seems unfair that I would have to pay when the town offers leaf pickup for free to most people. In the past, I have used the voucher system, which worked well for me. What should I do?

In addition, my husband and I are both over 70 but never registered for leaf pickup, because we don’t have room for leaves and used the vouchers for our landscaper. I was very surprised to learn from other residents at the end of October that you had to have registered by the end of September for loose leaf pickup that doesn’t start until December. In addition, the cancellation of the voucher system is not well-known.

Will my property taxes be reduced by the amount I have to pay to have my leaves taken to the transfer station?

Barbara Pierce

Hampton Bays