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Literally Lifesavers

Last Tuesday morning, a very dangerous and unusual event took place in North Sea. Unexpectedly, a huge oak tree fell across Noyac Road at Roses Grove Road and pinned a driver inside a vehicle. Incredibly, two large branches that formed a “Y” landed in the front and rear of the driver’s head. The trunk of the tree covered the entire roadway and crushed the vehicle. Amazingly, while the driver was injured, the driver was conscious during the entire incident.

What made this horrific accident even more amazing was the innovative, cooperative and heroic efforts of the North Sea Fire Department, Southampton Ambulance and several members of the Highway Department of Southampton Town, who cut, secured and removed the tree from the pinned victim.

This stressful event of carefully removing the victim took almost 40 minutes. It included paramedics and EMTs who stabilized and treated the victim, firemen who cut branches and the vehicle’s door, and highway workers who stabilized the tree with payloaders.

The residents of North Sea, Southampton and beyond should be grateful for the men and women, from all different backgrounds and agencies, who jumped at a moment’s notice and came together on that windy, rainy morning to save a person’s life, and then went back to work and their families.

I admire them all.

Mark Hannan


North Sea Fire District