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Local Preference

I would like to respond, obliquely, to a Letter to the Editor published July 1, titled “The Drug Pushers.”

Although I don’t do prescriptions, I thought I’d relate an incident this past week at a mega-chain pharmacy in Center Moriches. Has any reader ever been in a mega-chain when there are people packing out merchandise? I couldn’t find a baby power, so I approached one of them and said, “Excuse me.” Immediately, this one yelled at me, saying, “I don’t work for this store!” So, naturally, I said, “And neither do I. Thanks for nothing.” I left and will never, ever return.

There, hundreds of hard-to-read yellow shelf tags, stuck all over the place. This is a big, high-profit operation, because about 92 percent of all drugs are made in China. I think they contract out to nameless low-wage stock clerks so they won’t affect the profit margin. We know, of course, that it’s all about the money. That’s why there are so many of these stores. I even read in The Press that if the Hampton Bays movie house doesn’t make enough money this summer, it will be transfigured into another one of them.

I prefer Hampton Liggett in Hampton Bays, near Scotto’s Pork Store, and also Barth’s Pharmacies, run by Lou Cassara.

And now to the automatic renewal of unrequested prescriptions referred to in the letter. I’m sure it is a major profit enhancer. Maybe the jumbo drug companies demand this tactic of pure greed to satisfy the stockholders.

And as to the cheaply made nonmedical, flat-out worthless masks by the billions from China, they easily got Tony Baloney Fauci to sell them again. And since you’ve asked, yes, Tony Baloney is the No. 1 highest paid employee of the U.S. government, at a salary of $430,000.

Big thanks to Lou Cassara and his Barth’s team at the Westhampton Fire Department this past spring. Thanks especially to his smartphone helpers at the registration process, where I received both Moderna vaccines. Bully for Barth’s.

Bob Dwyer