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Mutual Respect

On Tuesday, June 15, I will be on the North Haven ballot for reelection as village trustee. When the voters on North Haven go to vote, they will find an extraordinary and unusual message of unity on the ballot, most likely never seen before in our small community.

I am once again running on the party I created last year, the Community Vision Party. Since being sworn into office in September, I have expressed my independence yet collaborated very successfully with Mayor Sander and the Board of Trustees — so much so that the North Haven Party is cross-endorsing me.

Chris Fiore is running on the North Haven Party for the second trustee position. I have worked closely with Chris, who is a member of the Planning Board, a former trustee and a person who will bring an impressive array of experience, knowledge and a willingness to work hard for North Haven. For those reasons, I have chosen to cross-endorse Chris and invited him to run with me on the Community Vision Party.

So, it will be an unusual ballot, indeed, in North Haven: two parties, cross-endorsing each candidate — a ballot that belies underlying unity and mutual respect, while still having the important advantage of the independence of two parties, which ultimately benefits the residents of North Haven.

Since being elected, I have worked to improve communication and transparency by initiating the monthly “North Haven News” email, and the village has embarked on a complete redesign of the village website to make it more user-friendly. At my urging, the village is examining the permitting processes and procedures, and identifying opportunities to streamline and simplify.

I have been an active participant in local code revisions, always advocating to balance the interests of homeowners with the protection of North Haven’s natural resources. I oversee the committee that has worked on investigating improved cellular service for North Haven. I have brought diversity and a fresh perspective to the board while collaborating very effectively.

I ask for your support to complete the projects I have started, as well as continue to seek input from residents by fielding a survey to obtain feedback on important issues. There is more work to be done to protect and improve the water quality in our wetlands, bays and creeks. We have beautiful preserved open space in North Haven; we hope to add to it, as well as refurbish and enhance the North Haven trails for more residents to enjoy the unparalleled natural beauty.

I am a 31-year resident, a retired 37-year Colgate-Palmolive financial executive, with extraordinary leadership and collaboration capabilities who loves North Haven. Please consider me for your vote on Tuesday, June 15, at North Haven Village Hall.

Terie Diat

North Haven