Negative Impact - 27 East


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Negative Impact

Every inhabitant of the Springs (dead end) will be negatively impacted by the 50-home subdivision at 289/290 Three Mile Harbor Road, and they do not know it yet. Over 7,000 people live in Springs, East Hampton — all will be negatively impacted.

The Planning Board decided that more trees as a blind to certain homes will fix everything on October 6; this week, they will vote to approve.

Springs inhabitants can use Three Mile Harbor Road or Springs-Fireplace Road to traverse.

COVID-19 was raging, people were holding on for dear life and the Planning Board pushed forward a huge project with no public scrutiny. Fewer than 20 people outside of Town Hall understand what the East Hampton Planning Board is doing.

There are no urban planners in East Hampton, and that area of East Hampton is urban — it’s “the ’hood.”

“We” put up an information sign on Three Mile Harbor Road; it and 11 American flags were ripped from their mounts.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty” — Thomas Jefferson.

Clayton Munsey

East Hampton