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No Baton

I was angry and annoyed to read the article about Legislator Bridget Fleming not seeking reelection to the Suffolk County Legislature [“Fleming Will Not Seek Reelection to County Legislature, Endorses Welker,”, February 23].

She has been a fair voice for the South Fork for many years. She’s won some legislative victories in that time, even though she remains inaccessible to residents unless there’s a photo op.

My anger with her press release stems from her proudly declaring that she is “passing the baton” to Southampton Town Trustee Ann Welker. Ann is a lovely woman, and worthy of reelection, but Ms. Fleming would do well to remember that, in America, our elected officials don’t pass the baton — we the people do. Political power isn’t something handed down by elected officials in this country, at least it isn’t supposed to be.

This arrogance and pomposity undoubtedly led to her failure to convince voters to send her to higher office, as evidenced by her two failed attempts to win a congressional seat.

I wish Ms. Fleming well in her return to the private sector. I wish Ann Welker well in her attempt to win a seat to the Suffolk County Legislature. I wish the Democratic Party well in trying to convince voters that they don’t feel entitled to win seats and instead get back to earning votes from we the people.

Jose Reyes

Hampton Bays