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No More Gimmicks

I write to share comments I made at the May 12 Southampton Village Board meeting addressing Lake Agawam restoration efforts. I offered informed perspective on remediation requirements and expressed bemusement at the village’s continued approval of ineffective pilot projects (experiments).

Performance data shows that ultrasonic waves and hydrogen peroxide treatments employed last summer grossly underperformed. And the recently approved expenditure for an algae skimmer is likely to have a similar fate.

These are very expensive gimmicks funded by public tax dollars for what is essentially efforts to control the political optics: fluorescent-looking water during the high season.

The village mindset, with continuing to treat the symptoms while ignoring the disease, has to change for meaningful results to be realized.

The driving force behind the chronic algal blooms is the phosphorus-rich bottom. A centuries-old buildup of muck is a repository for village stormwater and organic decay.

It’s time to start thinking outside the box. Effective remediation will require the removal of organic material by dredging. And beach/nearshore disposal of this material is the most cost-effective manner and the only means of disposal that is logistically practical to undertake. A one-and-done dredging event scheduled during the dead of winter will have de minimus impacts to ocean water quality and living resources, while providing long-term benefits to Lake Agawam.

No more gimmicks — legitimately pursue the real solution.

Kevin McAllister

Founder and President

Defend H2O

Sag Harbor