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No Status Quo

As a nonresident (my home is just west of the East Hampton Town line), East Hampton Airport has a huge impact on our quality of life, enjoyment of our homes, as well as our property values. I can’t believe that this once-private, local airport was ever intended to become such a commercial venture; in less than 10 to 15 years, we’ve seen (and heard) flights go from dozens to hundreds a day, and often dozens per hour.

I read last week that the airport will receive nearly a half million dollars in grant money. I have to wonder what that money will be used for, and what terms and conditions are attached to the funding. That has not been made public.

Closing the airport would be ideal, along with repurposing the land to the betterment of the entire town and region. The airport’s use as it now stands benefits a small (literally) handful of residents and mostly commercial carriers it services.

If the East Hampton Town Board decides that the airport cannot be closed, new and strict usage rules must be implemented and (unlike in the past) enforced, which will benefit thousands of area residents and nonresidents, as opposed to “no rules,” which hurts us all and benefits too few. The situation as it stands has become unacceptable.

Some compromise may be possible, but attempts to have controls in the past have not seen any success. The board must act now to make meaningful and enforceable improvements to benefit us all. “Status quo” is not an option.

Frank Setteducati