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No Transparency

In regard to the Southampton Town plan to obtain surplus housing from the U.S. Coast Guard and the issue of transparency of local government, I offer this interesting piece of information.

A recent Freedom of Information Act request produced a letter from Jay Schneiderman to Congressman Lee Zeldin expressing the town’s interest in purchasing the U.S. Coast Guard property for the purpose of rent or sale. The letter is dated August 2017.

This means that the town has had an official interest in this potential project for at least over four years — yet, during that time, numerous requests for information by local Hampton West Estates residents went unanswered or simply ignored.

So much for transparency.

We fully expect that the Coast Guard units in question will eventually become occupied. Over the years, our local residents association has made it clear we support owner-occupied units and not rentals, which the town may prefer, as that creates a revenue stream.

If the community housing town officials think we will settle for three minutes of time at a public hearing to express our position and then be brushed aside, they will be sadly mistaken.

Forest Markowitz