Pounce On Bills - 27 East


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Pounce On Bills

Two bipartisan bills are being considered in the U.S. Senate that would update our country’s antitrust laws to address the growing monopoly power of Big Tech companies that increasingly poses a threat to consumers, workers and small-business people — crushing us and our communities, leaving in their wake deserts of lawn, insurmountable towering hedges and useless acres of surplus wretchedly excessive empty residential space.

In a rare moment of bipartisan unity, we have the chance today to pass this historic antitrust legislation to rein in Big Tech monopolies. There’s no time to waste. I’m calling on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to bring these bills to a vote. It is rare to vanishing to have bipartisan support these days. Pounce on the opportunity.

The American Innovation and Choice Online Act and Open App Markets Act will prevent dominant platforms from rigging marketplaces to their advantage by prohibiting Big Tech monopolies from promoting their own products on their platforms and having a stranglehold over app stores on their devices.

Betsy Cornwell

Shelter Island