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Respect and Honesty

I have known Bridget Fleming since her days as a Southampton Town councilwoman. I have seen her work to get fair and honest results from town government.

She approaches any issue one may bring to her as a doctor would. She listens and waits to hear the entire issue. She then asks questions to make sure she understands completely. She poses questions from every possible frame of reference to be thorough. Only when she has fully “examined” the issue will she let one know what she will be able to do to help. The conversation is thoughtful and non-confrontational.

Bridget Fleming is running for the U.S. Congress, in a district that has been grossly under-nurtured for too many years. She will approach this new job as she has all the other jobs she has held in public office: getting all the facts and following them tirelessly to an honest conclusion. No drama, no headline hunting, just hard work and results. Exactly what one would expect from a member of Congress.

I urge your readers to vote for Bridget Fleming for Congress. She will treat all of her constituents with respect and honesty. Like a friend. That’s the highest compliment one could pay to a champion of the people she will serve.

Bruce C. Doscher

Hampton Bays