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She Is Us

Residents of Congressional District 1 are facing an important decision this November 8. For eight years, we have been represented in Congress by someone who cared little for all the citizens of District 1, and who only cared about what the Republican Party and the White House agenda was.

Lee Zeldin and Republicans may think they represented our communities, but their actual votes in Congress reflect the strong distaste his party and the previous White House had for all New Yorkers, and the disdain which it held for most communities except for wealthy white men.

Next month, on Election Day, CD1 residents have a choice to support equal rights for all communities — and by that I don’t mean towns, villages and neighborhoods, but the communities of citizens including men and women, union workers and white and blue collar workers, farmers and fishermen, the disabled and the elderly, the single parents and immigrant families, the financially needy and the homeless, suburban moms and rural dads, Black, Latino, Native American, Asian, South Asian, and all other global natives who have relocated to our district, LGBTQ men and women, foster kids, and so many more.

All these communities deserve equal rights, the right for a quality education, the right to earn a decent wage and receive benefits to support their families, the right to make personal health decisions with one’s own doctor, the right to practice whatever religion one chooses, access to decent housing, and the right to love and marry whomever we choose.

All of our communities want to take care of the children, the elderly and the disabled and want to ensure that everyone has access to safe water and a chemical-free environment.

In CD1, we are fortunate to have a clear choice to ensure that all of our rights are preserved and that our futures are improved. Bridget Fleming is the Democratic candidate for Congress and has been a part of our community most of her professional life. She is us. She understands us. She has always fought for us.

Fleming knows our environmental issues, supports our police force and volunteer firemen and women, understands the judicial system and its weaknesses, works to improve our environment, and knows the importance of our waters and aquifer.

Fleming has earned the support of all the key Democratic movers and shakers in our district, but she needs far more than that. She needs to hear from all of us at the voting booth on November 8. She needs all of our support to cross the finish line so we can finally have real representation in Congress.

Vote for equal rights on November 8 and mark Bridget Fleming on your ballot.

David Glazer