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Slipping Away

Proposal after proposal seems to slip by our noses, going unnoticed, until one day we drive past a location that has dramatically changed its previous view, and we say to ourselves “When did this happen?”

This is exactly what is happening with regard to the Corwith Red Barn LLC application for a subdivision at 140 Upper Seven Ponds Road, Water Mill. Yes, we might have recalled seeing a posted sign, which one would need to stop driving to actually read the contents.

In 2013, the Corwith family submitted an application to develop 11 lots on an area of active farmland between 7 Ponds Road and Upper 7 Ponds Road. An agreement was reached that the maximum number of lots to be developed was reduced to five and the balance of active farmland would remain as is.

Some might consider this agreement generous, as it seemed those decisions made in 2013 would never fly in 2024. Inch by inch, acre by acre, precious land is evaporating before our eyes.

We need to open our eyes and halt these rubber-stamped decisions before all is gone forever.

Ty Yoriio

Water Mill