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The Press News Group is committed to protecting the privacy of its readers and those in the community. While police blotters are published and remain archived in our print editions, we don't believe that a single mistake should follow someone around for the rest of their lives on the internet. Therefore, content on this page will be removed six weeks after it first appeared.

Southampton Police Reports for the Week of February 15

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE A man went to Gubbins Running Ahead on Hill Street on the afternoon of February 10 and, according to Village Police, brought numerous items to the counter for purchase and told other customers he would pay for their purchases, too. After a store employee worked up a $20,000 bill of sale, the man’s credit card was declined and he left the store, but said he’d be back. While police were canvassing the area for the man, a similar incident involving the same man took place at another nearby business. When police caught up with the man, he appeared to be in “an altered mental status” and didn’t want to answer any questions.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE A man who was alleged to have skipped out on an $86.09 tab at Shippy’s on the evening of February 9 told Village Police he never intended to do so but needed to “activate his credit cards” in order to pay the bill. The man did eventually pay the bill and added a 100 percent tip.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE Village Police responded to a Hill Street address on the evening of February 8 believing that a woman there may have had a stroke. The woman said while she had had strokes in the past, this appeared to be just a bad headache. She was sent to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital for evaluation.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE A woman told Village Police on February 9 that another woman whom she described as her “client” had expressed to the woman that God was talking to her and had said to her that the other woman “wasn’t going to make it.” The woman ended the business relationship and then called police to document the exchange. She was urged to call police if the former client showed up at her place of business again.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE A woman who works in Southampton told Village Police on February 9 that she had gotten a harassing phone call and further threatening texts via email by a man who said he would post explicit photos of the woman online. The woman had requested an order of protection against the man who allegedly made the threats but it had not yet been served. She requested documentation of the incident.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE Village Police discovered a South Carolina license plate attached to the base of a telephone pole at the corner of North Sea Road and Prospect Street on the evening of February 8. The plate was logged without comment from police on how it may have wound up attached to the pole.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE An employee at the Southampton School District administration building at 300 Hampton Street told Village Police on February 8 that damaged window panes at the rear of the building, which had previously been reported to police a few months prior, had “progressed” to the point where both windows had now shattered. The district was replacing the windows. Police had nothing to add.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE The store manager of Gorjana on Main Street called Village Police on the morning of February 8 to report a smell of gas in the store. Police determined the gaseous aroma was emanating from a septic tank that was being pumped out next to the store.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE A woman called in a report of a suspicious vehicle she said was parked at the Basilica Parish of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary on Hill Street just before noon on February 7. When Village Police caught up with the driver, he told them he was an Uber driver and had dropped a woman off at a funeral after driving her to the church from Newark.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE Village Police responded to an outbreak of unpleasantness on Pleasant Lane on the morning of February 7 when they reported that a woman had been regularly walking her dog and not picking up after the pooch. Police couldn’t sniff out the dog walker in question.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE A driver for the Sunrise Bus Company told Village Police on the afternoon of February 6 that about a week earlier, while he was dropping a woman off at the bus stop on Nugent Street near the Rite-Aid, a man who was on the bus started to yell and curse at him and the passenger. The man got off the bus at Hampton Road near Narrow Lane, and the driver requested that the incident be documented.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE Village Police responded to a complaint about delivery noise going on at Buzz Chew Chevrolet just after 3 a.m. on February 6 but found no such activity or noise.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE An open manhole at the intersection of Herrick Road and South Main Street on the evening of February 5 defied Village Police officers’ attempts to secure its cover, which “would not stay in place.” They dropped a couple of traffic cones on top of the manhole and called in the highway department to fix it.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE Following a complaint about commercial landscaping vehicles coming out of a residential driveway on the afternoon of February 5, Village Police told a David Whites Lane man to “cease and desist” from operating his business in a residential zone.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE A man had been stranded for nearly six hours in a broken-down car on Hill Street and Windmill Lane early in the morning of February 5 when he flagged down a Village Police officer and told the officer that the car would be towed later that day and that he had arranged for someone to pick him up. The man’s mother then showed up and told police her son was feeling ill and wanted to go to the hospital. Police “showed them the way.”

FLANDERS An Oak Street woman told Town Police on February 6 that someone had egged her car the night before. She said the only other recent suspicious activity had been miscellaneous papers strewn about her property. Police told her to keep them posted if other untoward activities take place.

HAMPTON BAYS Melecio Xuya-Zet, 37, of Hampton Bays was drinking from a 32-ounce bottle of Modelo beer in the Hampton Bays Movie Theater parking lot on the afternoon of February 5, Town Police said. When police were called in to investigate, they said Xuya-Zet presented them with two forms of fictitious identification, and they charged him with two counts of possession of a forged instrument in the second degree, both felonies, along with a violation for drinking in public.

NORTH SEA — Carlos Garcia-Garcia, 32, of Mastic Beach was driving south on Scotts Lane at around 11:30 p.m. on February 7 when Town Police attempted to pull him over for a broken headlight and missing front license plate. Police eventually caught up with Garcia-Garcia at an Old Field Lane driveway where they said they smelled a “strong odor of burnt marijuana” coming from the car and noticed a “small white rock of what appeared to be cocaine” on the passenger side floor. A police search of the car turned up “several small bags of a white powdery substance that also appeared to be cocaine,” and Garcia-Garcia was charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, a felony.