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Southampton Police Reports for the Week of September 28

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A man told Village Police he had been camping out with his nephew, Robert Horvath, over the weekend at Shinnecock East County Park, but when he checked on his nephew on the evening of September 24, he was unresponsive and later determined to be deceased. The body was transported to the Suffolk County medical examiner’s office.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A Meeting House Lane woman said her 2020 Suburban Land Rover had been stolen sometime between September 23 and 24. The vehicle was tracked to a Queens address and the New York City Police Department was called in for an assist in trying to track down the alleged auto thief.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A man dropped his vape pen between the seats of his car on the evening of September 22 and told Village Police that while he was trying to locate the vape, he hit a mailbox in front of 150 Coopers Farm Road. The driver said he left a note at the front door for the owner and left the area. The home is currently under contract, police said, “and there is no owner listed at this time.” Police took photos of the mailbox and the vehicle, which sustained more than $1,000 in damage.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — Ian Anthony Avello, 22, was charged with petit larceny, a misdemeanor, on the evening of September 22 after Village Police, responding to a call from the 7-Eleven at 10 County Road 39A, said he had stolen several food and beverage items from the store, valued at $30.05. Avello was soon located by police, parked in a lot in his car across the street from the 7-Eleven, and told officers he was hungry and didn’t have money to buy food. He was arrested and released with an October 10 court date.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A woman at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital told Village Police on September 22, just after midnight, that a doctor there had been verbally abusive and refused to treat her. Hospital staff told police the woman became irate after they refused to give her more medication. She was headed to Peconic Bay Medical Center in an Uber at last report, police said.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A Pulaski Street resident had fallen but wasn’t sure how long ago, when Village Police arrived in response to a welfare check on September 21 at around 10:20 p.m. The woman was transported by ambulance to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A Breese Lane woman fell out of her wheelchair on the afternoon of September 21 and her home-health aide couldn’t get her back into the chair. Village Police soon arrived with an assist and lifted her off the floor of the garage and back into the chair.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A two-car crash at the intersection of County Road 39A and North Main Street sent one driver and a passenger to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital with “minor injuries,” said Village Police on September 21. Both vehicles were towed from the scene.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — Police responded to a call for a welfare check at Southampton Village Motel on the morning of September 20 after fielding a report of a “female subject possibly having a mental breakdown.” Officers determined that she wasn’t having a mental breakdown or in need of assistance. Instead, she packed her belongings to catch the next westbound bus, police said.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A man at a Main Street cafe told Village Police on September 20 that he believed “unknown subjects” were stalking him and “following him everywhere he went.” He said this had been going on for eight years. Police documented his complaint.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A mustachioed man on a bicycle rode up the driveway of 29 South Street on the morning of September 19, prompting a suspicious person call from the homeowner who said the man, who was wearing a helmet, rode up his driveway toward the backyard before turning around and exiting the property. The homeowner told Village Police that he didn’t recognize the man and said it was the first time this had happened, to his knowledge — and that he had home video that captured the incident, which he said he would provide to police.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A possible father-son domestic incident on September 19 sent Village Police to 230 North Main Street, where they determined that the son, “a person with disabilities” had used a knife to pop the tires on six vehicles belonging to nearby South Fork Asphalt Corporation. The company said it wouldn’t press charges and only wanted the tires fixed. The father agreed to do so. The son was transported to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital for “altered mental status,” police said.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — The bushes in front of Southampton Village Motel on Hampton Road were “encroaching into the sidewalk,” according to a September 19 incident report from Village Police, who were assured by the owner that she’d call the landscapers.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE —Tiana Rose Salon on Hampton Road was reportedly the site of two recent package thefts, Village Police said. The first theft is alleged by police to have taken place on September 12, a package containing almost $1,200 worth of hair chemicals. A week later, on September 19, someone stole a package of paper towels and toilet paper valued at $68.17 from the same location. The owner filed a police report but didn’t want to pursue charges if the thief was caught and filed the report so she could be reimbursed for the stolen goods. Two larceny affidavits were filed.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A woman was escorted into the lobby of the Southampton Hotel on 91 Hill Street by Southampton Town Police, in the early morning hours of September 18. The woman, who was carrying about 15 garbage bags filled with clothing and books, tried to check in to the hotel but two credit cards were denied. She was asked to leave but refused to do so and said the Southampton Town Police had brought her there, according to an incident report filed by Village Police. After some further back and forth with the hotel manager, the hotel called the woman a taxi and she left, saying she would go stay with friends in Sag Harbor.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — The operating manager of South Fork Septic told Village Police on the evening of September 18 that a FedEx package had never arrived though someone had signed for the package on September 6. FedEx was investigating and told the manager to recontact Village Police if they determined the package had been signed for and stolen.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — Village Police followed up on a report of a “suspicious person” around 8 p.m. on September 18 when a woman in the vicinity of 596 Hampton Road was spotted removing a piece of metal from behind the building before returning it to where she had found it. The woman, who did not speak English well, was having car trouble, didn’t know how to ask for help given her language barrier, and was trying to fix her vehicle, somehow, using the piece of metal. Village Police told her to give them a call next time she was having car trouble.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — An injured woman described as “severely intoxicated” drew police attention following a call for a welfare check at around 7:30 p.m. on September 18 at the Rite Aid on Nugent Street. The woman had injuries to her feet and left hand “from a previous accident,” said Village Police, who called for EMS to transport the woman to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital.

SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE — A yellow box truck was parked at 21 Toylsome Place just after 11 p.m. on September 18, prompting a call to police by a neighbor who knew the homeowner was not home. Village Police found the truck parked in the driveway with a work crew that had arrived that night to help move the homeowner’s belongings the following morning. One of the crew told police that he arrived early because “he didn’t want to take the chance and get stuck in traffic in the morning.”

QUOGUE VILLAGE — A Quogue Street resident told Quogue Village Police on September 11 that she had deposited a check for a rental of her home for $11,750.95, but that she subsequently contacted the would-be renter and said they had overpaid her in the amount of $5,215.95. The homeowner then returned that amount to the would-be renter via a wire transfer, but on September 13, the woman was informed by her bank that the original $11,750.95 check was “altered/fictitious,” according to a police report, and that the woman was now out $5,215.95, the amount she had refunded to what appeared to be a scam artist. A Quogue Village Police Department detective is investigating.

QUOGUE VILLAGE — William Caldara, 19, of Hauppauge was arrested by Quogue Village Police in the early morning hours of September 20 after he was observed by police driving east on Montauk Highway with a partially obscured rear license plate and, police said, crossed over the solid double-yellow center lines. Police said a traffic stop yielded a strong fragrance of “burnt marijuana” emanating from the vehicle and Caldara, after performing poorly on field sobriety tests, was arrested on a count of misdemeanor driving while ability impaired by drugs count.

TUCKAHOE — Angel Monfil-Santamaria, 32, of Southampton, was arrested by Town Police on September 24 at around 10 p.m. following a complaint that he had stabbed two people at a Fords Lane residence. There, police said they found Monfil-Santamaria sitting in a kitchen chair holding a black pocketknife in his left hand. He eventually dropped the knife, police said, after a prolonged negotiation. Police said one victim has a minor laceration in his stomach. Monfil-Santamaria was charged with menacing in the second degree, a felony, and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, a misdemeanor. A menacing charge can be invoked when a person sets out to create fear in a victim by displaying a weapon or displays a weapon while engaged in a hate crime.

EAST QUOGUE — An elderly woman wanted to buy $20 in regular gas at the Gulf station on Montauk Highway in East Quogue on the afternoon of September 22 but got into an argument with a manager after he told the woman that the station was out of regular gas and only had “super” for sale. After putting $15.84 of super in the woman’s car, while she continued arguing with the manager, the employee stopped pumping the gas “since the woman would not stop arguing with him and he no longer wanted to serve her,” according to the incident report. The woman then demanded that he put the full $20 in the tank, the manager refused, and she drove off without paying for the $15.84 in “super” gas she did receive. Town Police said the manager only wanted the incident on record.

QUIOGUE — A Meeting House Road woman told Town Police on September 22 that a man had called to tell her that she was behind on her cable bill and needed to send him $299.99. The woman’s bill was not overdue, and she reported the attempted scam to police after asking where the man wanted her to send the money.

RIVERSIDE — Town Police responded to a report of a man panhandling at the Shell gas station on Lake Avenue on the morning of September 22. He was asked to leave by a manager but refused to do so. The manager called police, and by the time they arrived, the man was gone.

HAMPTON BAYS — A 34-year-old Ozone Park man was fishing both sides of Ponquogue Bridge with “numerous fishing poles,” according to Town Police, and in contravention of the “multiple ‘No Fishing’ signs” on both sides of the bridge, on the morning on September 21, when, following a report that he was creating a traffic hazard, police booked and released the angler at 6:40 a.m. on a “general violation of Southampton Town Code.”

HAMPTON BAYS — Brenda McFarlin, 63, formerly of Sag Harbor, was arrested at Town & Country Luxury Apartments on Lamplight Circle when a maintenance supervisor noted a light was on in an apartment that was supposed to be unoccupied, on the morning of September 21. McFarlin was arrested earlier this month in a dramatic and hourslong intervention in Noyac after she entered a home there and refused to leave. This time, “multiple supervisors” quickly arrived on scene, said Town Police, to deescalate the situation and remove McFarlin from the premises after she again refused to exit the premises. She was charged with criminal trespass in the second degree, a misdemeanor.

HAMPTON BAYS — Town Police were called to the parking lot of the Regal UA Hampton Bays movie theater just before 7:30 p.m. on September 19 after a caller told them he’d been robbed of his Samsung phone and black jacket during a fight with a person familiar to the caller. Police found a highly intoxicated victim in the parking lot whose “story changed every time” police interviewed him about the alleged robbery. Eventually the man was driven to the Hampton Bays Long Island Rail Road train station, where police observed him walking into the bushes and emerging with “his black bag and phone.”

BRIDGEHAMPTON — The scene was Starbucks on Montauk Highway and the charge was criminal mischief with intent to damage property, a misdemeanor, when Anthony Dec, 60, of Southampton grabbed someone else’s iPhone and “tossed it against the wall, causing a hairline crack across the bottom portion of the phone’s glass screen,” according to Town Police, on the early afternoon of September 19.