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Taking Its Toll

Musical drama can be very entertaining, but not at the expense of wetlands and the pond they border [“Bay Street Embraces The Great Outdoors With ‘Camelot,’” Arts & Living, 27east.com, August 3].

It’s hard to imagine the return of the prothonotary warbler that sparkled among the leaves of beeches and other trees bordering the wetland after several nights of singing and carrying on. Well, that kind of noise and drama has been going on adjacent to Kellis Pond, south of the highway in Bridgehampton, for a couple of weeks now. The vehicles that ferried the watchers and listeners to that idyllic spot for a night of festivity trample the vegetation in that habitat. Why, why, why?

Certainly, if asked, the Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee would have frowned on such an eclectic undertaking. Consider Little Noyac Pond, a couple of miles to the west. Its blue green algae bloom has become so noxious that any animal that drinks from that pond is asking for an agonizing death; the water is also toxic to humans.

Well, such festivities as those taking place next to Kellis Pond will hasten the day when your cat or dog will drink the pond’s water and suffer accordingly.

Larry Penny