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They Are Liars

The Democrats and liberal media shoved the Russian collusion narrative down the throats of the American people prior to the 2016 and 2020 elections. Russia, they said, did things to help Donald Trump get elected.

None of what the Democrats and liberal media was selling was true. They knew it wasn’t true, but they kept selling it, because they hated Trump. It was a focused and concerted effort to manipulate the American people into voting against Trump.

Let’s understand what is going on here. The Democrats and liberal media were, in fact, doing exactly what they accused — falsely — Donald Trump of doing. They were messing with our election process in a manner that is not acceptable to the American people.

Even now, it having been proven that the Russian collusion narrative was a hoax, the Democrats and liberal media show no remorse, because they don’t care that what they did was wrong, was anti-America. The ends justified the means, and that’s all that matters to them, especially since what they did harmed Donald Trump.

To further illustrate their hypocrisy, there is the Hunter Biden laptop story. Turns out, it was a real, true story that the Democrats and liberal media told the American people was a false, untrue story in an attempt to influence the 2020 election. Once again, they told us that Russia was responsible. Their joint narrative, purposefully, did harm, once again, to the election process of our country.

Subterfuge No. 3 is at work daily. They pretend that Joe Biden is competent, when he is clearly not competent. Joe Biden is pathetic, but we are told he’s a star.

They lied about Trump-Russian collusion, about Hunter Biden’s laptop and now they are lying about Joe Biden. But, they do not care that they are liars, because that’s what traitors do — they lie.

Bill Jones