Traffic Ordeal - 27 East


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Traffic Ordeal

An open letter to Jay Schniederman and the Town Board:

I am a Hampton Bays resident, and as we head toward summer I can see the dramatic increase in eastbound traffic, which makes the seven-mile commute from my hamlet to Southampton a 45-minute to one-hour ordeal, pouring emissions into the air and dramatically affecting our quality of life on the East End.

This has been going on for years. With the pandemic and the increased population out here, it is projected to become much worse.

I remember when there was a gasoline shortage after Hurricane Sandy; a simple method was put in place to cut down on lines at the gas pump. I think it was odd and even numbers, maybe of the license plate or some other enumerator.

Could there be a common sense way to stagger the traffic so people can get some relief and we can travel east without making it like going to Manhattan in rush hour traffic?

Elizabeth P. Balzer

Hampton Bays