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Truly Independent

As of now, two former state executive aides have courageously come forward in relaying their experiences of sexual harassment and misconduct committed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Though it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to validate and uplift victims, the evidence and verification thus far provided pre-investigation, from both of these individuals, solidifies these claims even more.

I applaud the state and federal electeds across partisan lines who have come forward in stating their support of an independent investigation — but this is simply not enough. An independent investigation is not truly independent if it is conducted by an individual recommended by the same office of the official being accused. It is wildly unfortunate that I have to even state this.

Many of us, whether working in governmental fields or not, are all too familiar with the abuse of power and outright toxicity that New York politics holds. However, times are changing. This behavior is no longer normalized to the extent that it has been for far too long.

As stated, this is not a partisan matter. This situation should be treated with the full, complete and unbiased action it deserves as equally as the nursing home investigation the governor is also rightfully facing.

The New York Times, NBC News, HuffPost and more are all outlets covering this matter with the full coverage it deserves. Whether an individual is part of the New York political machine or not, no one who commits these types of acts can go unchecked.

In our currently divided climate, I’m sure we can all come together to hold the governor accountable.

Please, contact your state senator, Assembly member and the New York State attorney general’s office, by email, letter or phone call, demanding that there be a truly independent investigation. Thank you.

Max Micallef

Sag Harbor


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