Tuckahoe School To Host Free Vision Screening For Students - 27 East

Tuckahoe School To Host Free Vision Screening For Students

author on Oct 19, 2015
On Tuesday and Wednesday, from about 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., the Tuckahoe School will offer free vision screenings for students.A licensed optometrist from Smart Vision Labs, a company that... more

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Pick A Party

Which Republican Party do you belong to? The Trump Party, or the one of Theodore Roosevelt? Roosevelt’s huge election victory of 1904 was fueled by spectacular campaign contributions by corporations and mega-rich businessmen, such as Henry Clay Frick, the steel baron. According to Jeffrey Toobin, author of books about the U.S. Supreme Court, Frick commented years later about campaign contributions to Roosevelt (quoted on page 148 of “The Oath”): “He got down on his knees to us. We bought the son-of-a-bitch and then he did not stay bought.” In his message to Congress on December 5, 1905, Roosevelt stated that ... by Staff Writer

A Done Deal

What better time than during a lethal virus spike, a pervasive pandemic, school closings, job losses, business shutdowns, holidays curtailed, people reluctant to leave home, amid national political pandemonium and total uncertainty about the future, than for Jay Schneiderman to push relentlessly for a dubious two-story sports complex to be built, without any idea of how it will be paid for, on land purchased with Community Preservation Fund money. Schneiderman exploits the public crisis with “resolutions” distorting the CPF, which he puts forth during empty Town Hall meetings. The purpose is to clear the way for this sports complex. As ... by Staff Writer


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Sign Pollution

Imagine my shock upon driving into Southampton Village on Tuesday, November 17. I witnessed a man drilling into the red brick façade of the old Town Hall building. He was mounting awnings over the windows. Each awning had the name “Phillips.” (Phillips is a New York City outfit attempting to do business in our country village.) Each awning will cover the beautiful crown with keystone over the windows. I was appalled enough to call Village Hall to speak with a Architectural Review Board person. I was informed that they had been given permission to defile this venerable building with 13 ... by Staff Writer

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