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We Need Zach

I am proud to say that I was born in Southampton Village, left to attend college and returned “home.” In June 1991 I was fortunate enough to meet the Benedict/Epley family. George Benedict and Mark Epley made the dream of coming back to Southampton a possibility. I started work at Seafield Center and got to see the family that I knew and loved so much in their element. They were selfless, empathetic and kind. Was it a business? Yes, but not to them. Their mission was to help others, which they continue to do today.

I have known Zach Epley since he was 4 years old. Since that age, he has approached everything he does with a feisty, fiery passion. I watched him make the same decision I did upon college graduation and return home.

As many of you locals know, having a successful family business is an incredible blessing. Zach came back to the “Vill,” as we affectionately call it to work for Seafield Center, where he still works today. He married the love of his life, my cousin Brittney, and they have four beautiful children.

He is the proud mentor, friend and now family to my two sons. He will boost them up when they are down, supports and encourages their continued growth as fabulous humans, and he will “set them straight,” as they say, when need be.

Fortunately for this village, Zach still approaches everything with a feisty, fiery passion. He is an intelligent, problem-solving “fact” man. If you present him with a problem or issue he can’t solve, he won’t stop until he can help in some way.

He has an incredible passion for the youth of this community. As head coach of the varsity baseball team, he found a way to get his team out to play as soon as some of the COVID-19 restrictions lifted. Zach was determined to get his seniors on that field one last time. Well, he did it — and they won the 2020 Varsity Wood Bat Tournament.

I am asking you to vote for Zach Epley for Southampton Village trustee on September 15. Let him be a part of getting this village back on track. What has happened in this village in the past year is disgraceful. Things like immature behavior and rash firings or lack of hirings are happening. Not only are they happening but the basis of them is never revealed or accounted for.

We, as a village, need someone who can listen to the community and make them feel heard. We need someone who will say what they mean and mean what they say. We need Zach Epley.

Keri Medio

Southampton Village


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