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What’s Done Is Done

Once again, The Express News Group’s editorial board goes beyond where it should have. The editorial “The Way Back” [June 30] is a diatribe of hate for our laws, Constitution and the Supreme Court. Scary stuff from a small-town paper. It sounds more like an ANTIFA playbook.

The Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade’s constitutionality, and it said nothing about whether or not abortion is now illegal. Yes, it will look much different in the years going forward, as many states will change their laws to include considerations such as how many months should that look like. Our actual representatives, who we vote for, will now make those decisions — what a novel proposal.

Your editorial never touched on the meat and potatoes; it just skirted the facts of abortion.

The Democratic Party has had 40 years to codify this law but instead decided that it was one they could not undertake, because there was no consensus of when an abortion should be allowed. Forty-seven out of the 50 nations in Europe have more restrictive abortion laws than we do. In fact, France has a 14-week ban on abortion. President Emmanuel Macron blasted America for its abortion laws without knowing exactly, apparently, what his own nation’s laws are. In fact, France just changed this law from 12 weeks to 14 weeks this year.

I don’t think there’s anything progressive about allowing abortions up to nine months without protecting the unborn in some way or form.

I welcome the debate that will continue in America regarding this very personal topic. But if people in this nation think that most people want abortion up to and through the nine months of pregnancy, they are just dead wrong, and that will never sell in America.

So, stop the hysteria and deal with the facts that we have presently and those that are going to face us in the future. What is done is done — now let’s create a better awareness of all that we need to know regarding what this will look like going forward for our nation, without creating enemies or making rash statements about our Supreme Court.

Just because you don’t agree with the decision does not make them the enemy, nor those like me who believe in the right to choose but also the viability and protection of the unborn.

Thomas Jones

Sag Harbor